2030 Hardware Features

  1. Matrix Architecture

    Straight vertical key columns increase typing accuracy.

  2. Large Shift Keys

    Accuracy is increased and stressful wrist motions are reduced.

  3. Large CenterEnter and CenterBackspace Keys

    Accessibility by strongest index finger is increased while stressful motions by weaker fingers are decreased.

  4. Close Mouse Location

    Minimal reach for mouse reduces arm and shoulder stress.

  5. Enhanced NumPad Overlay

    Full-function num pad includes convenient spreadsheet keys.

  6. Dvorak Key

    The one-touch key switch to "Dvorak" enables 50% less finger motion.

Usability Features

Comprehensive Ergonomic Design

The TypeMatrix 2030 keyboard significantly reduces the motions known to cause typing injuries.

Sleek, Lightweight, and Portable

Short footprint allows keyboard and mouse to fit in keyboard trays. Light weight and sturdy structure promotes portability.

Thin Profile Promotes Neutral Wrist Posture

Narrow, compact design keeps wrists relaxed with nominal strain.

High-Quality Key Touch

Membrane technology with "double-scissor" substrate producing smooth, quiet, responsive touch.