Keyboard Skins

TypeMatrix offers high quality, velvety silicone skins that mold to your 2030 keyboard. These new 2nd generation re-designed skins wrap around the edges on all sides, grasping the keyboard from underneath, thanks to the newly added 3/4 inch border which has cut-outs for the feet. The skins are a little bit thicker and grasp the individual keys tighter, filling into the spaces between the key caps even better. The exit hole for the USB cable is now pre-cut and reinforced. These new skins are still flexible and easy to remove, and can be cleaned with mild detergent and water. Skins are currently available in several layouts in both black or translucent for Belgian, English, French, German, Spanish, and Swedish as well as several alternative layouts including Bépo (French), Colemak, Dvorak (US, UK and Swedish versions), Workman and partially labeled skins for the really creative keyboarders.

Skins give you ability to:

  • Switch easily from Qwerty to Dvorak or Colemak
  • Type comfortably with virtually no noise
  • Protect your keyboard from spills and dust
  • Use the 2030 in multiple languages

tmx-skins-details_1Dvorak: Using a Dvorak skin allows you to easily switch from Qwerty to Dvorak with the push of a button. Use on top of a standard 2030 or translucent skin covering a blank 2030 keyboard.

tmx-skins-details_2Multiple Languages: The same universal 2030 keyboard can be used to type multiple languages just by swapping a skin! Available in English, French, and Swedish with additional languages coming soon.

tmx-skins-details_3Protection: Coffee spills near the computer are inevitable. Skins guard your keyboard from spills, dust, and crumbs and are easily wiped clean with a gentle cleanser.

tmx-skins-details_4Options: Choose from the many available labelings to suit your typing needs and match your keyboard. All versions available in both Translucent or Black.

Users Love the Skins!

I am very pleased with the skins! I must confess that I was a bit skeptical about them at first, but the skins allow me to type as usual, they keep the keys free from dust, and they never cause extra keyboard mistypings so after a week of heavy usage I have nothing to complain about. H. Algestam, Dvorak Advocate
The first time I tried the skin I thought it felt a little odd and I was afraid that I would not like it, but after about 10 minutes I got used to the skin and I really like it! It is much quieter and it actually feels good to the touch. It keeps the dust and dirt from getting on the keyboard and under the keys. Your products are excellent and I will continue to recommend them to everyone! Migdalia Hernandez, Medical Transcriptionist
By the way, several coffee spills later, my keyboard works without a hitch, and, one more caveat, I learned to type DVORAK, so I use your keyboard in "Dvorak mode" (with matching skins). Thanks a Million! Eric G., Programmer
I can already feel why this is such a good keyboard to have. Everything seems to be at the right place. I have been using it for 30 minutes, and I can already say it is a hit. The skins are as soft and comfortable as you promised. Thanks for a great product! YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON THIS! Carlos Man, Project Manager
I'm already convinced about the keyboard... I'm also very happy with the skin. I never believed it possible but it's really quite a nice overlay. The spongy texture further reduces shock when striking the keys and it also has the benefit of protecting the keyboard against spills and cat fur. Eric S. Johansson, IT consultant
I've now been using the skin at work all day, and I love it! It's very comfortable to type on! So much so that I'm actually conscious of how soft the keys feel as I type. I was really expecting it to feel like an added layer of padding isolating me from the sensitivity of touch-typing, but that hasn't been an issue at all. Shawn Milochik, IT tech
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